About Academic Affairs


IUG academic affairs aim to establish the foundations for success and excellence necessary to the current and future requirements of academic field, through:

1. Quantitative and qualitative provision of educational opportunities offered by the University for high school graduates.

2. Continuous improvement in the quality of academic services offered by the University.

3. Expanding the positive and active participation of faculty staff through IUG departments, faculties, and committees.

4. Continuous improvement in the quality of academic services offered by the University.

5. Offering academic support to the academic staff and developing its performance.


A Word from the Vice President

Praise to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger Prophet Muhammad.

Education plays an important role in the lives of individuals and nations as a main driving factor towards the comprehensive development of humanity and societies. In this context, Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) has played an essential role since its launch on 06/11/1978 as a Palestinian higher education organization with an Arabic identity and Islamic affiliation. IUG offers the service of higher education to the Palestinian people and Arabic and Islamic nation in a way that is consistent with its mission. According to this mission, “IUG is an academic organization that seeks to promote the scientific, cultural and civilizational aspects of society, in a way that is consistent with modern trends in higher education and technological development. IUG encourages research and contributes to generations and community development within the framework of Islamic values...” IUG implements this mission through its eleven faculties, and its distinguished academic and administrative staff at all of its branches.

University Requirements

The Academic Affairs is in charge of developing the University requirements offered by IUG. This aims to:

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